Why you should surprise your partner with a jeweled butt plug

Do you have your anniversary coming up and you wish to gift your partner an unforgettable keepsake this time? Or is it her birthday and you are looking forward to some grand celebration? Well, special celebrations call for special gifts. If you are on plans to gift something for your intimate sessions, a jeweled butt plug would be just wonderful.

Jeweled butt plugs, as the name says, are butt plugs with embellishments. These plugs are beautifully adorned with a crystal or stone at the base that boosts the appeal of the toy to a whole new level. If you are bored of plain butt plugs and have been contemplating of something unique and different- count on jeweled butt plug. They look gorgeous and are certain to drive you crazy from the first glance. It’s an amazing sight to see the jewel sparkling in between her sexy soft butt cheeks.

You are sure to have your lady jumping in delight when you will surprise her with this lovely jeweled toy. Put simply, your intimate sessions will never be the same after you introduce jeweled plugs in your bedroom.  They will be even more romantic, more sensuous and more passionate. Most importantly, you will have a partner happier than ever. Your lady will love you even more thanks to the jeweled butt plug.

The fun part is jeweled butt plugs look too beautiful for a sex toy. It will certainly paint a pretty picture sitting on your center table.

Also known as princess plugs, jeweled butt plugs are available in a wide variety of materials. You have them in silicone for sure. Then, you will also find them in metal and glass. So, you have a broad selection to choose from. If you are just starting out in the world of butt plugs or haven’t used one before, silicone jeweled butt plugs would be the safest bet for you. They are soft, extremely comfortable and also easier to clean. Metal ones are great when you are looking for a hard fullness at the backdoor and so are the glass ones. Moreover, the glass ones look really stylish and chic. Besides, it’s to note here that both metal and glass are awesome for temperature-plays.

Top jeweled butt plugs

You must be all excited now to get a lovely jeweled butt plug for your beloved partner. Now, there are so many options around that you will be spoilt for choices. But, don’t worry, the post below offers a brief on some of the best jeweled butt plugs for your surprise gift.

Full Bloom Lovehoney Rose Plug

A beautiful pink butt plug awaits you here which is sure to make your intimate plays even more romantic. It’s hard not to fall for the rosy base and it’s just “the” gift to celebrate your special occasions with your lady love. It’s a glass butt plug. Don’t worry, the plug is made from borosilicate glass which is quite hardy and won’t break easily.

Glams Large Rainbow Plug

The star of the plug is surely its rainbow crystal that will make your steamy sessions more colorful than ever. And just imagine what a gorgeous sight it would be to see the crystal sparkling in wide array of tints in between the sexy butt cheek of your hottie! Sounds sexy, isn’t it? Well, this butt plug is truly sexy and will add more spice to your plug plays.

The plug is made of silicone and comes with an insertable length of 4”. As mentioned previously, silicone is super soft and hence would be great for beginners.

LuxGem Tapered Jeweled Butt Plug

This is a great metal butt plug made from aluminum. The first point to highlight here is the tapered end of the plug. Thanks to its strategic design, the insertion will always be easier and painless. In fact, this is one of the reasons why this butt plug would be amazing for the new users. The tapered end is preceded by a bulbous part which promises strong stimulation.

You will also love the smooth metallic surface of the toy. And of course, the bright crystal at the base of the toy is just the thing you need to start your plug play on a bright note.

LuxGem Jeweled Metal Plug

This LuxGem plug surely stands out with its bright faux sapphire jeweled base. If you are looking for something sleek and sophisticated, don’t look further. Its weighty metal body assures to stimulate you to the T with its solid fullness. Besides, mention must be made of the tapered end of the toy. It ensures less friction during insertion and consequently a painless and more enjoyable plug play. The toy also sports a nice flared base which means the toy will never get lost inside the anus.

Tips to use jeweled butt plug

Your first task is to get a jeweled butt plug from a reputed store. It would be better if you can find a plug that comes with at least 1 year guarantee. Check the reviews and ratings and make sure to settle with a toy backed by a long list of happy customers. Look for a product that offers satisfaction guarantee.

You would also need to take certain personal preparations before you insert a jeweled butt plug. Get an enema at least 3-4 hours before your plug play session. Also, take a warm bath. It would be even more amazing if both of you take the shower together. This way, the plug play would be a natural conclusion of your intimate nights. After you are ready, wash the toy. You can use a toy cleaner here or you can also use a mix of soapy water. Make sure to clean the toy before and after your every session. Then, before you insert the toy, get a lube. You will need the lube both during insertion and removal of the toy. Silicone lubes are really popular but they won’t work with silicone plugs. It’s better to go for water-based lubes if you are using silicone plug. If you are really into jeweled butt plugs or any other types of butt plugs, you can find the perfect one at Loveplugs.co.