Why you should surprise your partner with a jeweled butt plug

You’ve probably had that conversation a million times. You know, the one where you explain how you don’t believe in Valentine’s Day, and how you want to treat her like she’s special every single day. Nonetheless, February comes back every year, and you know she’ll be disappointed despite your beliefs. So what do you do? Sure, roses are a safe bet, but they give off an “I remembered about it five minutes ago” vibe. You should do something different this time. But instead of some expensive nonsense inspired by Harry Potter books, why not buy something that you would enjoy? A sex toy like a butt plug would be excellent to get her going! But that’s too selfish; she’d be happier with a piece of jewelry… Wait!

You got it. Let us introduce you to our dear friend — a jeweled butt plug! It’s a perfect gift that will make both of you happy; as you know, you can’t go wrong with jewelry.

Jewelry Is the Best Form of Gift

Did you know that the first animals that humans (Homo sapiens) domesticated were dogs? According to smart people, it was some 70,000 years ago when we were just hunter-gatherers and couldn’t yet farm. That’s why we say that dogs are (hu)man’s best friend. Who’s a woman’s best friend, though? Or what, if you will?

Well, you know how the saying goes — it’s diamonds! Without being anti-feminist or anything, it’s a simple fact that girls love gifts, especially if they come in the shape of expensive jewelry! And that is not true for women only; guys love getting presents as well. Although not as many as women, there are still plenty of dudes around who love to wear necklaces, rings, and other forms of personal adornments. Is there a better way to make your partner smile than by surprising them with a beautiful brooch? You know, especially if you’ve messed something up, nothing helps a hopeless bum of a husband save his marriage like 24-karat gold!

Jewelry has been a fantastic thing to gift even before the Roman times, so why would you be a smartass and try to do something different? But now, with jeweled butt plugs, you can combine the act of gifting with your own sexual pleasure! Wearing a butt plug can spice up the sex life of both the wearer and the onlooker while jewelry keeps the wearer pretty. These anal plugs, also called princess plugs, combine the best of both worlds!

Design of Jeweled Butt Plugs

Jeweled butt plugs, as the name suggests, are basically ordinary butt plugs with an addition of a jewel at the base. As it’s a sex toy like any other, it has to function as a regular butt plug. The actual toy has a tapered tip to make it easy to insert without hurting your canal. Then, it spreads further into a bulb to apply pressure to your nerve endings. That is what stimulates you, and, consequently, provides pleasure. Finally, butt plugs have a flared base so that you can’t insert them too far and buy them a one-way ticket to your bowels. As with any other form of anal play, you must use lots of lube to make the action frictionless and pain-free.

Now that we’ve got that part covered, let’s go over the bit that doesn’t participate in anal sex — jewels! This part is easy if you have experience in buying jewelry. Just imagine yourself walking into a jewelry store and browsing through display cases. Although the price doesn’t necessarily dictate the quality, it’s a good indicator of it. After all, there’s a reason silver is cheaper than diamonds.

The jewel itself can be of any gem that’s to your (and your partner’s) liking. Amethyst, ruby, sapphire, gold, or diamonds: pretty much you name it; they have it. The rest of the plug comes in standard sex toy materials. They can be out of silicone, glass, stainless steel, or metal. All of these are so-called non-porous materials, so you can clean them with ease using hot water.


Sparking a Conversation About Anal Play

Here’s a question that’s as old as time: “how do you get your girl to get freaky back there if she’s never done it before?” For some inexplicable reasons, women are not (or simply don’t want to admit it) as adventurous about going kinky as men are. At least not at first. So if you’re with a girl you’ve only had vanilla sex with so far, how do you say you want to stand behind the line of scrimmage? That becomes especially difficult if you know she would be an anal first-timer.

Here’s where jeweled butt plugs can come flying to your aid. As we’ve already said, jewelry is an excellent gift that wouldn’t go amiss in any situation. Here, instead of flinging a gem down a string that you tie around her neck, you just take that gem and stick it to a plug. You can even be playful about it and say something like, “women are like fine wine, and this is your cork” (We hope she sees the funny in it). A lot of females have confessed they feel conscious about what their butthole might look like to a curious eyewitness. If there’s a pricey gem blocking the view, they’ll feel more confident about it.

Furthermore, butt plugs on their own are a fantastic sex toy for those who’re only starting their anal journey. So buying a princess plug can just be the answer to the question we’ve been asking ourselves for the past ten thousand years!

Helping With the Relationship Overall

Some say marijuana is a gateway drug to more dangerous substances. Some also say that butt plugs are a gateway toy to wickedness. We say those people should stay at home with their tinfoil hats and stop bothering life-loving people. 

Sure, butt plugs are a starter pack for anal play. They are perfect for beginners because they’re easy to use, and your body can slowly adapt to something entirely new. Still, there’s nothing pushing you to go overboard, and you don’t have to worry about growing too bored with them. There are couples who use butt plugs and have never moved on. But even if you decide to go further, so what?

Do you know why going to a horror movie for a first date is a fantastic idea? That’s not just something unimaginative guys suggest (well, it is, but hear us out). When we experience a surge of highly intensive sensations (something a scary movie offers), we innately start linking that feeling to the person we’ve experienced it with. Consequently, on a subconscious level, we already like them more than we did before since they shared it with us. The same goes for sex.

Using (jeweled) butt plugs, especially if you haven’t done it before, will give you a different, unique experience. If you’re a guy, for instance, the plug will stimulate your prostate, and you’ll have an orgasm you thought was impossible. As you’re doing this together, you’ll be going through a range of emotions and experiences together. Just like with movies, you’ll grow fonder of each other, and you’ll develop a higher degree of trust. As you can see, these sex toys are not just for your butt; they can help with the emotional part of your relationship as well! If you are really into jeweled butt plugs or any other types of butt plugs, you can find the perfect one at Loveplugs.co.