We Need to Talk About Sextech

What is sex technology? How can it help us or make a difference in our lives? What are some of the uses of sextech companies and startups? There are so many questions about this rather new industry. Here, we will try to cover them all. Sextech might be the next big thing after fintech, edtech, and health tech, and we are more than curious to see what the future will hold for them. 

What Are Sextechs?

Sextechs are technology-driven companies that focus on sex and sexuality. They’re all about finding ways to innovate, enhance, and change everything about it. Today, there are many companies exploring the ways modern technology can be used for improving one’s sex life through sex toys, porn, etc. 

But exploring sex techs doesn’t need to be related to sex only. It can cover everything from gender identity to even education. They also cover a lot more topics and innovations than people usually imagine. Often, people believe that sextechs are only designing modernized sex toys. However, there are also numerous apps that can be quite helpful. 

As people are becoming more open about their sexuality and sex in general, many believe that the industry will grow even further, competing with giants like the beauty industry, fintech, edtech, and so on. 

Today, sextech startups are covering a variety of subjects and fields. You can find firms like Beducated that focus on education and online courses about relationships. The world of sextech keeps improving, and today we have numerous female-led startups, including Maude, MysteryVibe, Lovability, Dame Products, Lioness, and many others. 

The Importance of Sextech Startups

One might ask, “Why are these sextech entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs so important today?” The answer is simple — they are focused on improving the sexual health and relationships of their clients, similarly to how sex therapists and sex education. The only difference is that the community got used to sex ed and therapy — sextech is something new. 

Anyone thinking this is not important is plain wrong. In last year’s research, an alarming amount of people were unable to either identify or describe the purpose of the urethra, labia, and vagina. That means that even in this time and age, where people are a lot more confident about their bodies and sexuality, there’s still a lot of ignorance that needs fixing. 

It seems that the Future of Sex podcast by Bryony Cole from Melbourne might be a very good idea. People are in need of education and information that they are lacking. Cole is not the only one, though. There are numerous sex tech companies and entrepreneurs that you should check out. 

Areas Where It Can Be Applied

But many people might still wonder what the area where all of this can be applied is. How can sextech companies help? Let’s take a look at some of the examples that modern technology brought us.

Tech companies are developing numerous apps and toys that can help people all over the world. For example, Clementine is an app based on hypnotherapy. Its goal is to help women deal with stress and anxiety. It is in the form of audio sessions, and since all of us are using our phones in bed, this might be something you should check out. 

But that’s not all. MysteryVibe designed two toys for women and men, respectively — Crescendo and Tenuto. Instead of regular sex toys, these are controlled by AI and are designed for a personalized experience. The app that comes with them can collect data and connect to other devices like smart lamps, sound tools, temperature controllers, and anything else that may help you set up the mood. 

Beducated offers online lessons and courses, Elvie designed a device that can help with pelvic floor muscle exercises, and so on. But most importantly, improving awareness and education can reduce sex trafficking, revenge porn, violence, and other problems that unfortunately exist today. 

Apps can also help with other health concerns too. BioSure is a company from Essex, and they developed the first HIV home test ever. All you need is a small drop of blood, and the test will be done in 15 minutes. The accuracy is 99.7%. This type of test is convenient, and it will help with early diagnosis and health. 

Barriers to Overcome for Success in the Future

Whether we talk about virtual reality and sex, or anything similar, there are a couple of barriers companies will need to overcome. At least if they hope to succeed in the future. 

The main problem is that there is still a lot of taboo around sex. Not many people are willing to even talk about it. Unfortunately, there are parts of the world where same-sex relationships are still illegal. There, anything short of “normal” is strictly taboo. Hopefully, people will begin to understand that “normal” is a much broader term than they believed. 

Moreover, even startups with incredible ideas will face a problem when they start. The lack of funding is always a barrier on the way. There aren’t many people willing to invest in sex tech. Furthermore, any of the products we mentioned will be branded as “adult.” That is a problem. People still believe that sex is something forbidden and shameful. Many refuse to put it under the “health” category too. Sextech companies will need to raise awareness, educate people, and show that enjoying something or using sex toys is not the end of the world. 

The importance of sextech companies is rapidly growing. The whole industry will soon become an essential part of our lives. Or at least that’s what many experts believe. Despite many problems faced by sextechs, they need to find a way to make it work and show people new ways to enjoy themselves. 

With our social norms changing, we might experience incredible growth and popularity of sextech companies and their products. The situation on the market is a lot better than it was fifty years ago. And we hope that it will continue to improve in the future as well.