Things to remember before meeting your online date in person

Dating sites made meeting new people so easy. Our chances to find the right person increase as there are so many different people out there. It seems that we can finally save ourselves from bad dating since we have an opportunity to seize up our potential dates without going out and spending some extra time.
But challenges in online dating increase, too. The lack of real-life contact and emotional exchange during an eye to eye contact can create an idealistic image of the person we are dating online. A lot of things happen in our head only and that is why we need to be pretty vigilant.
We are listing here important tips on how to better move from online to real-life dating.

Do your research

Even though you feel safe while chatting with your online date, always remember that some people hanging on dating apps are not well-intentioned. Some are online to find a hook up exclusively. Others do not need anything apart from casual texting. We advise you to be smart and do some meticulous research. Check all the social media accounts and gather as much information as you can. Find out if you have friends in common and do not hesitate to ask them about your date. Compare information such as photos, interests, age, and the city he or she lives. Make sure this information match on different accounts. Try to sense if the person is frank and trust your intuition. If you doubt any detail your online date shared on the web, go ahead and ask for clarification. However, do this cautiously and try not to look too suspicious.

Verify if the other person is real

Fake profiles or bots are common on dating sites, too. To more easily recognize a bot or figure out if you speak to a non-existing person, consider checking the following:
A profile photo – The photo is usually missing or is ‘’too perfect’’ – this is the first and the most common sign indicating that the profile might be fake
No photos or personal information on social media – do thorough research and check if the accounts seem realistic

Messages and vocabulary – Fake and automatically generated profiles send you short messages that often does not make sense. Sometimes, a messaging style can be too pushy or flirty. They can surprise you with an instant invitation to go on date or have sex.
Request for personal information – If you get a request to share your personal information such as a card number or get a link to follow, there are big chances that you chat with a bot

Drive your car or take public transportation

We know that you may long for movie scene romantic first date but try not to rush into idealizing your dating story. Here is an important tip we give you when going out on the first date. Organize transport on your own and avoid your date being the one who picks you up and drives you home by his car. You can drive your car or simply use public transportation. If you want to stay kind, you can make up some nice excuse for organizing transportation by yourself. Say something like ‘’it takes less time to get to my home by metro than by car’’.

Inform your friends where you are going and set emergency contact numbers

This may sound a bit paranoid, but keep in mind that some dating stories ARE awful. Even the most sweet-talking persons sometimes appear to be people with personality disorders. Therefore, treat your date as a total stranger at the beginning of real-life dating. When arranging the date, agree about dating place in advance and let your friends know your location. Also, talk about your friends to your dating partner and leave the impression that you lead an active social life. Say something like ”I’ll maybe meet up my friends later” or ”A friend of mine has just told me that he plans to come to this bar tonight”. Think about friends or family members you can contact in case that some unpredictable situations arise. Remember to set emergency contact numbers on your phone. Make sure that you can get help as quickly as possible in case of an emergency!

Meet up in a public place

Meeting up in public places is a must if you want to feel safe and relaxed on your date. Avoid dark and lonely places, suburban cafes, or deserted beaches. Insist on spending a date night in a popular neighborhood, go to the dancing bar or cinema. Not only you will feel safe this way but also more comfortable when opening up to someone new. Getting to know someone new is always easier in a less intimate atmosphere. You won’t be forced to talk about sensitive issues but to simultaneously chat and enjoy a convivial atmosphere.

Drinking is not a good idea

Is there a successful date without some alcohol? Well, to some, it’s hard to imagine a nice date without at least one glass of wine. First dates can also be intimidating and induce some level of social anxiety. That is why we encourage you to give yourself pleasure but to keep a cool head above all! Be aware of your capacities and consume alcohol only if you know how to restrain yourself from overindulging.

Moreover, alcohol can enchant us and make the other person look more appealing than he or she is.

As far as you keep in mind these useful guidelines, we encourage you to keep on searching your dating match online. Give yourself time to investigate your date profile and to decide whether or not you want to move the conversation outside of the dating app. Once you are ready for a real-life dating, go step by step in getting to know your date better and do not worry about the outcome. Choose wisely and benefit from a growing number of dating possibilities.