The Best High Tech Sex Toys in the Market

In a day and age in which apps on your phone control everything, it’s not strange at all that even sex toys became smart. With quick online shopping, air conditioning, and music-playing devices that talk to you, we’ve certainly come a long way. Therefore, owning a high tech sex toy with a little computer that tracks what you like is as common as it gets.

It seems like only yesterday that we’ve marveled about new waterproof and battery-charged vibrators. Nowadays, these things have become so ordinary that we don’t even think about them. We’ve become so accustomed to them that we don’t notice how important they once were. You can even argue that they’ve become like electricity: everyone has it, but no one stops to think about how essential it is.

Well, that’s just how things work. But we’re not here to spread nostalgia and cry about the good old days. We’re here to enjoy the moment, to experience the most of these modern sex toys. So, come along with us on this naughty high-tech journey, and meet the blade runners and terminators of the sex industry! We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The Autoblow

This blowjob machine is, without a doubt, one of the top sex toys a lonesome cowboy could get. The Autoblow applies pressure on your penis that hangs in a very comfortable cock tube, or, as some call it, cock sleeve. It’s not battery charged, and you could argue that’s a con. But once you understand how different it is to get the electrical energy directly from an outlet, you’ll have no doubts that it’s a good thing.

This oral sex simulator offers ten different presets of blowjob styles. The tenth one is a random option that constantly changes the previous nine styles, so you won’t know what to expect once you activate it. Also, the Autoblow blow gadget comes with a pause button, so you can stop it if you want to save your semen for another time.

Digital Condom

How often have you come in contact with explicit pictures someone sent to their partner, and after they’ve broken up, the malicious lover shared them online? Well, yes, it’s common nowadays. Sexting became a big thing now that everyone has a smartphone. Hence, this is the reason why digital condoms exist.

Made by a Belgian company, this app allows you to place a watermark on the photo you’re about to share with someone. And if they try to spread your intimate images, the watermark will show their phone number and name. It’s meant to uncover the spiteful person who’s willing to compromise your privacy.

VR Tenga

Japanese have always been one step in front of others when it comes to technological advancements. Therefore, it’s not strange to hear that they’ve come up with a virtual reality suit that fully sells the immersion of having sex with another person. This VR device comes with real-time goggles that show you an animated girl once you put them on.

As you begin having fun with your 2D ladyfriend, the suit impeccably matches what the two of you are doing. It applies pressure to your genitals and all other parts of the body as if you’re actually having close contact. It doesn’t matter if this is your thing or not, it’s just f-ing amazing how far we’ve come.


We’re pretty sure you never thought that one day you’d get the chance to have intercourse with your iPad. Well, that day has finally arrived. The LaunchPAD is a sex toy that combines a tablet device and the fleshlight, giving you the opportunity to have some man on machine action. It’s like something Skynet or the Weyland-Yutani Corporation would’ve come up with for their employees.

The toy allows you to fully experience VR porn, even if you don’t have VR goggles on. The tablet stands in front of your eyes, and the fleshlight goes under it (you adjust the height based on your size). So as you watch your favorite porn start, you thrust into her trademarked Fleshlight, replicating the whatever is going on on the screen.

Pretty neat, ain’t it?


This one is quite different from your usual sex toys. The Pulse hands-free toy is made to be worn by the male but enjoyed by both partners. With a bunch of vibration patterns tuned to your taste, the gadget goes over your penis. So as it stimulates your cock, the base side of the toy vibrates the female’s pelvic floor.

It’s a great way of enjoying foreplay or just avoiding penetrative sex. Both partners get the most out of it, and they’ll have the option to come together. It’s easy to wear and handle, so it’s meant for practically everyone. It doesn’t matter how experienced or not the two of you are, you’ll get the hang of it immediately.


Again, we have a toy meant for both of you. LovePalz is a real-time, long-distance miracle worker. It comprises two separate toys, one resembling a Fleshlight and the other looking like a dildo. They’re very sleek in design, looking like something straight of a retro-futuristic world.

The whole point of the product is that you can have sex while being apart. As the male places his penis into the fleshlight, the app will signal the dildo to act accordingly in real-time. So if he goes a bit faster, his partner will feel his intensity through their toy. It’s a great way to grow over your standard phone-sex sessions.


ImToy is a girls-only product. We’re sorry, guys; you’ve had your fair share of high-tech toys listed. The ImToy is a rhino-looking vibrator that comes with 16 different vibration patterns and an app that controls it all. But what makes it different from your standard vibrators? Well, it listens to your voice, the movies you watch, or music you enjoy while masturbating, and offers vibration modes based on that.

It comes with a G-spot searching “bunny ear” that goes inside you for internal play. Also, it has a clitoral stimulation part that wreaks havoc on your poor clit. Without a doubt, it’s better than any other toy meant for similar actions. Battery-charged, it will blow your mind in no time!

Real Doll

A list of futuristic sex toys just wouldn’t be complete without a sex doll. So, in good faith, we’ve come up with a certain real life-looking sex product, meant for all those lonesome men out there. These hyper-realistic dolls are a pure joy to experience. Long gone are the days of blow-up dolls that look terrible and disturbing.

Real Dolls are as close as we’ve come to Madame Tussaud’s sex museum. From default blonde, ebony, petite, to official replicas of your favorite pornstars, Real Doll has them all. Once you see them, you’ll know that the future is really here. So place your order right now, cause this thing is gonna blow your balls off!