Why Are Tentacle Dildos Becoming More Popular

The popularity of tentacle dildos seems only to be rising, and that is probably due to more and more people across the globe becoming interested in that kind of fantasy porn. But are there really so many people with this fetish? Prepare yourself to dive deeper into the subject and explore the depths of this fantasy. Who knows — you might even realize that you too are hoping to find some tentacle monster under your bed!

Tentacle Porn Origins

If you were thinking that porn involving tentacles is a new thing, you’d be dead wrong. The origin of this specific fetish dates several centuries ago. Ukiyo-e was an art style in Japan that started in the seventeenth century. Artists usually used woodblocks and paintings to show the beauty of their country. These woodblocks often depicted landscapes, beautiful women, wrestlers, and so on. 

The idea behind Ukiyo-e was to depict a hedonistic lifestyle. Moreover, the word “ukiyo” means “floating world,” and it represents the environment and various forms of beauty. The style became rather popular, and many merchants were wealthy enough to decorate their homes with such art. 

But that wasn’t the only type of Ukiyo-e, and soon, there was more. Artists quickly began experimenting with the genre and created Okubi-e (or ōkubi-e), which focused on faces and facial expressions. At some point, they even started painting sexual images, and thus, the new genre was created — Shunga. 

Sexual images, paintings, and sculptures were nothing new and have always been a part of the Japanese culture. But exploring sexuality didn’t stop with nudies, and Japanese artists eventually started painting and exploring sexuality. One of the most popular and typical examples of Shunga is a painting of a woman being pleasured by two octopuses. People loved Shunga, and that might just be the origin of tentacle porn. 

In the first Shunga, we can see a woman on her back while the octopus is pleasuring her orally. It uses tentacles to stimulate her other erogenous zones, and you can understand why and how this became quite popular. Especially if you know that, at that moment, there were strict laws against adultery. People needed some sort of escapism, and they found a haven in Shunga. 

Tentacle Erotica in Japanese Manga and Hentai

Many things changed in the next couple hundred years, but tentacles remained. Fascination with these body parts managed to find a way into popular comics like anime and manga. Even though it is believed that manga first appeared in the 12th century, it was a bit different from the one we know today. 

As we mentioned already, the Japanese people were never too fond of graphical representation of sex or sexual acts, and that remained to this day. You are probably aware that genitals are censored in Japanese porn, and they aren’t allowed to show anything too explicit. 

Toshio Maeda, one of the pioneers of erotic manga, explained how his drawings were too extreme and how he could end up in jail for such comics. So what he did instead was add tentacles to cover the “problematic” body parts. Since there was nothing too explicit, his work was deemed appropriate, so he was dubbed the “tentacle master.”

Hentai is a sub-genre of anime and manga that focuses on pornography. The literal translation of the word means “transformation” or “pervert.” Over the years, hentai managed to spread and find lovers all around the world. Probably the primary reason for such popularity of tentacle porn in various media is that it can offer almost anything. The core idea behind this subgenre is domination, and everyone who loves being submissive can have all of their holes satisfied simultaneously. It also combines submission and elements of bondage, which can be quite arousing for many. The only prerequisite, of course, is that you love tentacles. 

How Tentacle Dildos Are Fulfilling This Type of Fetish

Since finding a real octopus that you can take on a date can prove challenging, there is a viable replacement available in sex shops. Yes, we are talking about tentacle dildos. For anyone looking to experience that famous tentacle sex, companies decided to create unique toys that would allow you to fulfill your sexual fantasy. 

While they are not the most popular sex toy on the market, these fantasy dildos still have armies of loyal users, and you can even get a custom dildo that can fit your needs perfectly. 

Most commonly, toys are made from silicone, and firmness varies from soft to medium. They are often made in brighter colors, with blue and purple being dominant to make them more realistic. When it comes to size, you can find various types, and they usually vary from six to seventeen inches (if you are feeling adventurous). Silicone tentacles are high-quality, body-safe, and most commonly have suction cups. These are incorporated both on the base (to allow the users to attach them to a surface) and throughout the entire length of the toy (to imitate those of real tentacles). Needless to say, the latter are not functional, and they are added for the purpose of realism. 

Bad Dragon specializes in creating unusual silicone dildos that can fulfill your wildest fantasies. If you are curious about what they have to offer, tentacles are just one of the fantasy dildos they have! 


You are probably aware that there are so many people out there with tentacle fantasies. But that is nothing new. In 17th-century Japan, there were paintings of women having intercourse with octopuses. Not much has changed since then. You can find tentacle porn in comics, hentai, and even live-action movies. 

Fortunately, for everyone who shares this fantasy, there are specially designed sex toys shaped like tentacles. These dildos are body-safe, come in a variety of sizes, and will undoubtedly allow you to indulge your deepest and naughtiest fantasies. You will get the maximum benefits from a proper use of the tentacle dildo especially if you shop @ lovegasm. Treat it as an investment because you will definitely earn so much pleasure by using it.