The Polaroid Lomo’instant Is For The Hipsters

When speaking of photography usually think of Japanese and American brands that focus more on the consumer market with its entry DLSR or professional SLR market. But when speaking of hipster photography, or alternatively, as you prefer, you can only think of Lomography .

The original factory was located in St. Petersburg’s most famous Austrian brand in the world, with permission from Red Bull, is a benchmark of alternative and traditional photography which has millions of followers around the world. People who are passionate about the traditional techniques and adore this austere, almost spartan, that touch back , as well they are known, have.

One of the concepts that most impinged community and Lomo philosophy was ” the moment “. In fact, their slogan was fairly explanatory “Do not Think, Just Shoot” (Do not think, just shoot) that emphasized capturing moments rather than focus on the formal aspect of photography and photographs.


Lomography’s new project, the Lomo’Instant, intended to take this concept one step further by adding the ability to print your photos as the do , as if it were a Polaroid. Also allow you to change lenses, add a color filter on flash or multiple exposures, which will experiment with the composition of the image. Detailed features are:

3 Shooting modes: auto flash mode, manual mode with flash without flash manually.
4 different designs: White Edition, Black Edition, Sanremo Edition and Special Edition Kickstarter.
Interchangeable lenses: wide angle, fisheye and portraits.
Long exposure: allows the shutter open as long as we want.
Multiple exposure: allows you to shoot as many times as you like in the same picture.
Colored gels: add color filters to flash to change the tone of the picture.
Compatible with the Fujifilm Instax Mini Film movie.
Currently they are seeking funding Kickstarter where you can find an initial pack for $ 69 (about 50 euros). The truth is that it pays to be the first since its retail price from November , when its output plan will be more than doubled. No excuse to be the most modern neighborhood.

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