Samsung Galaxy S4 Value Edition, The Same As A Year Ago But More Expensive

Although Samsung is focused on your Samsung Galaxy S5 , the company does not want to give the Galaxy S4 for dead family last year. They firmly believe that it is a range that can continue to provide benefits for longer, and as an example, presented a few days ago the Samsung Galaxy S4 Value Edition , a new variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4-a, yes


What does this new Samsung Galaxy S4 Value Edition we have not seen in the rest of the range? Apparently, nothing. This is the same smartphone that the company officially launched early last year : Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.9 GHz 600, 2 GB of RAM, 5 “screen Full HD SuperAMOLED, 13 megapixel camera with LED flash, microSD, 16GB memory internal, LTE, etc.. The only novelty, as Samsung announces Android 4.4 is incorporating serial KitKat. however, in reality this is not new, as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Original can be upgraded to Android 4.4 from KitKat OTA weeks ago.

But the real problem is not that placing a Samsung Samsung Galaxy S4 Value Edition which actually equals the Samsung Galaxy S4 . The problem is that the list price (retail price) of this new variant is 499 € , an abusive figure by a terminal that is already one year old. Nothing new except the price, which amounts to 499 € What makes incomprehensible Samsung this movement is that, in many online retailers (like Amazon), the Samsung Galaxy S4-which is basically the same device, you can easily find for 300-350 € (between 150 and 200 euros less). And the Samsung Galaxy S5, a device that exceeds in all respects to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Value Edition, round 550 € (only 50 euros).

As my colleague Javier Lacort said, there’s no better way to define the Samsung Galaxy S4 Value Edition that this fragment of the popular series The Simpsons . And is that Samsung has done what the creators of the popular Malibu Stacy doll (in the series): change a single detail of the device and market it as something completely new and at a very high price, hoping the public fall for inexperienced trap and pay an unfair amount for a device that can be purchased for just over half the price.

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