Roku Box Review and its usage

Roku is one of the leading names in the media streaming devices and it has updated the Roku 2. Most of the media streamer manufacturers want you to use their services like Amazon, Apple and Google are the three primary examples but Roku is a third party brand which may wants to give you the best experience possible. Almost every media streamer has been lacked by Wi-Fi performance issues, as they’re often located in corners of rooms, in cabinets, or stuck behind TV screens. But the Roku’s solution with the Streaming Stick Plus is quite clever.

Roku has become the leader in the streaming box market for a long time. Because, it is relatively very cheap and also neutral: In addition, It supports virtually every streaming services which you can think of, save Apple’s iTunes. The Roku’s search interface will show the movie listings across all those services with prices clearly displayed so you can cross-shop, and it’s very rare for any new services to launch without the support of Roku device.

The Roku 2 has been updated with the new hardware and also having the clever software features.

The Roku 2 is now rocks the same design as the Roku 3 so there’s only the fact is says ‘2’ on it. The remote, however, is quite different with rubbery buttons and there are now dedicated keys for launching Netflix, YouTube, Rdio and Google Play. It doesn’t feel as nice as the ones you get with other Rokus.

Those shortcuts are handy but it’s worth noting that the remote uses traditional line-of-sight to work so you can’t tuck the box away or have anything between the two.

The remote present in the Roku 2 is quite different to the box itself is the same as the Roku 3 which means it has an HDMI port, Ethernet, dual-band Wi-Fi, USB and Micro-SD all at your disposal.

If you cannot bother about the above features, then you can probably go with the Roku Streaming Stick.

Now the Roku will be continued to lead the ways in terms of the best range of streaming services, or apps which you want to access. Some of the Top names include Netflix BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Demand 5, All 4 (formally 4oD), Now TV, Sky Store, BBC Sport, Spotify, Facebook, Google Play and more.

In addition to that, you can also browse the 1,400+ strong channel stores where there are all kinds of things are available from the specialist BBQ channels to Yoga.

We’ve always been a fan of the Roku user interface which is intuitive and customisable with different themes. It will be good to see the new features than with the ability to search the channel store a welcome and necessary addition.

If you search your favourite contents by using name, actor or even director which may really handy. Now you can start typing and the suggestions will be made the things very quicker. It will search every channel. Our search will be warned at the bottom of the screen and it should search only the Netflix and Snag films. Roku says that the over time more channels are expected to complement this list.

To use Roku to the maximum extent, you can jailbreak Roku and install Kodi on Roku. After this, a new world of streaming will be there for Roku users.

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