Oppo N1 Mini, with rotating camera, will be released on May 30

Oppo N1 is one of the causes of the Oppo-off and recognition as a major global company. So far no sales or the presence of other Chinese companies like Huawei, but gradually has been gaining more importance in the mobile world. On 30 May will be released Oppo N1 Mini , as reported by Unwired View , which was published by the account of the company in the “Chinese Twitter” Weibo.

Oppo N1 MiniThe Oppo N1 Mini will have the same rotating chamber of his older brother but with a single LED flash, and apparently will not be as “Mini” in size, as we have seen on other computers with the same name. Oppo N1 Mini come with a 5-inch HD (1280 x 720 pixels), 13 megapixel camera with LED flash, support for 4G LTE networks and 2140 mAh battery. Additionally, there has been talk about a possible Octa-Core processor manufactured either by Samsung and MediaTek, a standard we are seeing in some Chinese companies flagships. We hope Oppo N1 Camera Mini has the same (or similar) features Oppo N1, for this is one of its main strengths, plus it is rotating. As for support for 4G LTE networks exceeds N1 because this not brought them. It is not known so far if your back will touch as the N1.

Oppo is a company that has worked very closely with CyanogenMod and teams like OnePlus One, have been champions of the mobile platform. Moreover, in 2014 launched the Oppo Oppo Find 7, a terminal screen with QHD resolution, so far only have implemented other companies like Vivid, and LG with its latest launch, LG G3 . Additionally, Lenovo apparently also enter the competition for your screen resolution possible Z2 Lenovo Pro Vibe . Whenever Android competition gets harder, because this year the manufacturers are offering their users with good equipment specifications. What will not until the price of the Oppo N1 Mini because teams are not usually the company itself cheap .

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