best Kodi Box of all times

A Kodi box is a low-cost media streamer that has been pre-packaged with the software to make it easier for less technical users to get up and running with it.

Lists of best Kodi Box

Now let us see the list of best Kodi Box.

  1. Amazon Fire TV Stick
  2. Amazon Fire TV
  3. Nvidia Shield
  4. Seguro Trongle X4
  5. Raspberry Pi 3


Amazon Fire TV Stick

It is an amazing all rounder for all HD TV. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the most popular and famous streaming devices among the Kodi users and it has been now alive. The Things present in the 2017 version of the Fire TV Stick is much better. According to Amazon, A faster processor makes the media streamer becomes 30% faster than the older one. The new stick features Alexa will the support built in even though it doesn’t work with Kodi and the device is only slightly more expensive than the original.

Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV is also one of the best choices for all the users and it is considered as a great all-rounder for top 4K. This media player is an excellent choice for the Amazon Prime Instant Video and also for the Netflix. It will be supported for both services in 4K with HDR but the power to play an Ultra HD contents means that the Fire TV is also good for Kodi. The Kodi app is running very smoothly on the Amazon Fire TV and it will take a few seconds to load the contents. The Amazon Fire TV has a microSD card slot. In that, you can load this up with movies.

Nvidia Shield

It is one of the most powerful 4K set-top box. It can be designed with all types of 4K home entertainment in our mind. Through the Netflix to the latest games via Geforce Now. Unexpectedly, this power will make the Nvidia Shield become the best boxes for Kodi. If you want to run the Android TV on Android 6.0, the Nvidia Shield is one of the easiest boxes to configure the Kodi on. The Kodi app will be started in a few seconds with the box recovering from the standby mode in a similar amount of time. There are no longer wait in the Nvidia Shield.

Seguro Trongle X4

It is considered to be a fantastic budget 4K Kodi box. There is always a small fear that bargain-basement products have heavy limitations, but the Trongle X4 is simply good, with only a little annoyance. The Trongle X4 is one of the smallest set-top boxes when comparing it to the other set-top boxes.

Raspberry Pi 3

It is a fun project for the Raspberry fans. The Raspberry Pi 3 is an excellent little computer for all types of projects, and its small size makes it an attractive option for building a tiny Kodi media center.


In this article, we can provide the best kodi boxes for you. All the Kodi boxes present here is considered to be a best Kodi boxes among the others. So you have to install and try these Kodi boxes. If you have any queries regarding these Kodi boxes, Kindly do let us know via comments.

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