Apple confirms purchase of Beats Electronics by 3 billion dollars

It’s official, Apple just confirm the purchase of Beats Electronics, makers of the popular brand of headphones Beats by Dre Audio, leaked after the then possible to purchase a few days ago. Apple buys Beats Electronics for just over 3 billion dollars .

Exactly, the acquisition is carried out by 2,600 million in cash and $ 400 million in Apple shares. As part of the agreement, Beats remains independent brand and the founders of the popular brand of headphones and music services now pass to be part of Apple, ie, Jimmy Iovine and rapper and record producer known Dr. Dre .

Apple Purchase Beats

This is the largest acquisition that Apple has made in financial terms, and certainly Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, is very excited about it. According to the chief executive officer of the company from the white apple:

The music is too important a part of our lives and therefore has a very important in the heart of us at Apple site, which is why we continue to invest in music and incorporate this extraordinary team to create the most innovative products and music services the world.

Something very important to take into account is that this acquisition Beats Electronics is not only responsible for those “peculiar headphones” are always synonymous with internet controversy; no, Beats also features Beats Music , a streaming platforms most popular music in the United States, so this could be a very compelling reason for purchase.

In fact, new rumors ( which are never lacking when talking about Apple ) and suggest that the main idea of the giant apple tree is “killing” their own streaming platform, iTunes Radio, Music by Beats. Of course, this would not be presented in such a way, but as an integration , but certainly sounds very strong native music service on iOS and OS X hand the platform created by the company founded by Dr. Dre.

Music Beats is a service of quality and certainly relates to a future where Apple wants to have a lot more presence in the music streaming, offering hardware, software and platform ideal for music lovers. If we do this, it sounds great … but only time will tell.

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