9 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Today’s WWDC

Apple now faces a new milestone in its history . We are in the era where every move the company look very closely and WWDC 2014 is going to be viewed from all angles. What Apple will present? Who within the company will do? Will iPhone 6? What’s new iOS bring 8 and OS X 10.10? users, analysts, competition and virtually everyone with an eye on the company. Is he prepared to respond to everyone’s expectations? We do not know, all that is clear is that the developer conference today will be historic. We give you 9 different reasons not to miss it .

1. Good news for developers

More than 50 billion downloads on the App Store More than one million applications available, more than 50 billion downloads and billions of dollars in revenue for both Apple and developers. These figures show us that iOS is a platform for success for all and will continue to be. As usual, each Keynote we will see how Apple will results in numbers of its application store par excellence. Results outline a smile on everyone, both users and developers; synonymous with health and growth of the platform. Will he be able to beat some record again?

2 Innovation: OS X Yosemite

Confirmed a couple of days ago while operators placed the decor in the Moscone Center , where WWDC 2014 will be held 10.10 OS X has all the signs of becoming a genuine renewal. An innovation in Mac, since we would face face to face setting of minimalism in Mac . If last year with OS X Mavericks broke the sacred seal of skeumorfismo but it was not the final death of this way of understanding the design. But with OS X Yosemite (code name could be given according to the signs), full bet for unsurpassed visual change, approaching iOS 7 but with many new features; some of which more later.

3. Continuity: iOS 8

Without radical changes, but with improvements in battery management and continue with round things confirmed. Also following decoration Moscone Center iOS eight confirmed . In this case, unlike Mac, the new version of iOS will bet on the continuity in minimalism but with many more features. First, significant improvements in system performance and of course the battery; the big problem that has led many of iPhone users to switch to other devices or to think of a use iOS 7th most efficient. In addition, iOS 8 also include many new features as native applications (Healthbook and Siri), communication between third party applications and even a true multitasking for iPad. The latter two highly requested by users but so far have not been included by Apple in the different versions of the mobile operating system company.

4. Healthbook, commitment to health and activity

With the advancement of monitoring and gamification of our lifestyles with products like UP24 Fitbit or Jawbone, Apple seems to also want their piece of the pie by adding 8 an HealthBook iOS application. A cake too powerful for the Cupertino company does not want to stick their hand and pick the good they have done all the others for inclusion in their hypothetical application that may be filed today. Nutrition, physical activity, heart rate, weight, hydration, blood sugar and far more than could be measured by the iPhone itself 5s thanks to the co-processor M7 at the same user must manually include it in the application and the possibility, hypothetical, that Apple offers developers the API so that they can make compatible hardware.

5. Siri, the secondary protagonist

What if Siri was the big star of the WWDC 2014? ‘s not uncommon to think that, after the rise of many other voice assistants like Google Now and Cortana Windows Phone , with much better than Apple’s current assistant features. The company is lagging behind the competition and Apple announced two things regarding his assistant:

Siri for Mac , a fairly reliable as possible with the approach (at least in design) with 8 of the next iOS OS X Yosemite.
Siri open to developers , a possibility a little less but it would be much more attractive than the first. Why third-party applications can not interact with the voice assistant Apple? API released a few advantages would like for other much, and of course for the users.

6. iPhone 6? Yes, but 4.7 inches

Apple is lagging behind in terms of innovations in hardware Some pointed to alleged leaks for the first time since the iPhone 3GS , Apple could resubmit new iPhone during the WWDC. The developers conference was not the best time to present hardware due to the avalanche of releases and new software but everything is possible. Clearly Apple has fallen behind in terms of hardware with the iPhone. Yeah, okay, the iPhone revolutionized 5s : 64-bit processor, fingerprint reader, etc.. But it is what users want? Maybe not, maybe the killer-feature is on a larger screen . Just view regarding the competition to see which Apple has small.

7 Great gone: iWatch

And the iWatch? What happened to him? We return to retake the rumor last year about Apple iWatch . And virtually the same rumors that a year ago because there has been many more moves about. From Cupertino to have 100 people working specifically in developing iWatch, intelligent clock can be synchronized with iOS devices. With different characteristics, eg c allow ontestar calls, receive messages, manage the music on our iOS device, monitor our daily activities and more. Also thanks to the possible launch of Healthbook , Apple may finally dares to wearables for health and more.

8. IWork vs Office for iPad: What is Apple’s answer?

Office and iPad, the union of two great productivity Apple, the market you are eating. Not me, what users say they have decided to purchase Word, PowerPoint and Excel (Microsoft Office) getting millions of downloads and still an option to keep in mind about iWork, Keynote and Numbers, their Apple counterparts. True, Office for iPad will need an Office 365 subscription in order to function fully but features still better option than Apple’s office suite. Could you submit a counter Apple? It seems so.

9. Beats Music, the last to arrive

Rumors said it but users joked. How Apple could buy the Giant Beats? But he did, for three billion dollars . Beats Music and Electronics longer part of Apple but for now only as totally independent brands. During the WWDC 2014 is very likely to see some Apple executive Tim Cook himself or explaining the reasons for the purchase but mainly there is a: iTunes Radio . The new music service streaming Beats may be what Apple needs to boost his own against a stagnant Spotify.

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