40% of cell phone users in Latin America want to switch companies

According to the Analysis of Customer Retention and Acquisition of Nokia Networks 2014, 40% of cell phone users in Latin America want to change carriers.

The market for mobile telephony in Latin America one of its most prolific and potential markets by the degree of maturity reached the region, at a point where technological development and its integration with the established user base and plant all the bases for a period of great momentum for the sector. This scenario has also generated a change in the dynamics of the operators, who have been pushed into offering their services with the latest technology to more conventional rates for both sides: the business and users.

These companies face the challenge of delivering a quality service to the couple who must endure the high demand for cellular telephony industry in Latin America, revealed by analysis of Procurement Customer Retention and Nokia Networks 2014 , a study conducted in 11 countries, where it is discovered in its conclusions that user retention has become the challenge for companies in the region. In Latin America it is estimated that about 40% of cell phone users plan to switch carriers in the next 12 months . Since according to the data obtained, customers do not really want much, sacrificing quality, as four in ten of subscribers to this area would be willing to pay a higher price just to have a better quality of service.

According to Nokia Networks, about 50% of users believe that the price is vital to stay with your current company, on par with their perception of the quality of data services and SMS messaging is below expectations, with more 60% of users in Latin America expressing dissatisfaction with these services .

Video calls, email, instant messaging, mobile Internet browsing and apps active use , are the main activities that users averages analyzed in the study of Nokia Networks, so that gives a very balanced and plausible picture of the current state of market.

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